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Desmond Smith

May 2011

I was on my hols with my wife and had an excursion to the New Forest. We tried Pig ‘n’ Pickles chilli jam. I was blown away - lovely with cheese. I would recommend this to anybody.

Alan Sherwood

May 2011

This is one of the nicest plays on the caramelised onion chutney that I have had the pleasure to eat! Truly delicious, packed with Figs, my only comment would be that more could be made of the tomato, but I'm happy as it is.


Jun 2011

Just finished a jar of your 'Seriously Hot Chilli Chutney', which was a gift and I absolutely, loved it!


Jun 2011

My and my partner met you at the food fair in Lyndhurst a few weeks ago and I bought your tomato and chilli chutney. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think it is, I really love it! It's so much better than all the mass produced chutneys sold in supermarkets.


Jul 2011

We have just finished a jar of your Caramelised Red Onion Chutney and loved it !


Jul 2011

I was introduced to your chilli jam by a friend and I am hooked on it! Where can I get some more?

jerry downing

Jul 2011

Had some of your chilli jam from lyndhurst last year, came back from yorkshire again this year for some more and we are taking more back home with us. Great that your web is up and running so we can order online and dont have to wait another year for your excellent products, cheers


Jul 2011

The best Piccalilli I have tasted! Very generous amounts of whole onion, cauliflower and courgette inside which crunch just as I bite into my cheese and piccalilli sandwich...heaven.

Mark Davis

Aug 2011

This stuff rocks! I love spicy stuff, anything with chilli in fact - and this chutney is great, hottest I've ever tried but really great taste too. Super with cheese, or for making super spicy New Potato salad. No 1 :-)

Dean Morgan

Dec 2011

My fridge and larder is loaded with Pig n Pickles products and I love them all, but having just bought a jar of Piccalilli I’m driven to write a review as I’m THAT impressed. First off, I loathe cauliflower; but can’t get enough of the stuff that’s in this jar. I’ve done a whole jar of it in less than a few days. Just the right amount of flavour in the sauce and lovely crunchy vegetables. Can’t fault it. And all the other products I’ve tried are blinding too. Nice one Trevor!!


Feb 2012

Purchased not only the Fiery Tomato Chutney, but also the Chilli Jam, Real Ale Chutney and Tomato and Chilli Chutney. A bit of a trend going there. Am a fiend for a quality strong cheddar, and have now found some quality Chutneys to accompany it, have happily now found them. Tasty, all of them, and with the nice warming hit of Chilli. Prompt service and excellent products. Just waiting for some Onions to be ready and will order more goodies. Thanks Trevor and Cath.


Apr 2012

Just discovered this at the new Blue Sky Deli in Highcliffe & I had to seek out your website to say how amazing it is. It's a strong contender for the tastiest thing I have ever eaten - I can't get enough of it! Fantastic with cheese, or just on it's own. I even have it on toast for breakfast. Can't wait to try the other products :-)

claire and chris strange

Apr 2012

We went to the Easter show in the New Forest and bought a pot of Chilli Jam on the Sunday which lasted till the Thursday !!!!! The best thing with cheese ever or anything else for that matter ! Thank God for on-line ordering to feed my Chilli Jam addiction. Thank you Pig n Pickles

Kirsty Turner

Apr 2012

Tried your chilli jam at Lyndhurst Farmers market and bought some. Finished it within a week, it is delicious, time to order some more!


Apr 2012

& Chilli Jam. WOW, WOW & WOW. If you ever get the opportunity to buy any of the products by Pig and Pickle please do. The flavours are as fresh as they day they were grown / picked. A delight to the taste buds. The only problem is, the bank balance, you'll HAVE to buy more.

Jane Gritt

May 2012

Oh my word.. Tried this today at the beaulieu craft Fayre and it is amazing ! Had to bring some home and have with lunch! Hubby tried it and said you should have got more jars it's incredible! Will be looking out for local produce fares to buy some more!


Aug 2012

Is there a Pig and Pickles anonymous? I'm addicted. I first came across them in April, and have now quite a collection. Well I would do if I haven't eaten them all. I have found them at the producers market at Moors Valley and been to the cider place in Burley. Highly recommended.


Sep 2012

I visited an event in Nomansland and purchased your truly AMAZING Hot Chilli Chutney. Fantastic, it tastes wonderful, natural, not synthetic (as I have experienced with some companies products). Please keep on doing what you are doing, remarkable products. Well done.


Sep 2012

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Tried it in The Borough Cafe, Downton on there Bacon ciabatta with the relish. Highly Recommended!!

Mrs Julie West

Dec 2012

Brilliant, brought some at Easter and had to go back and get more on our break in the autumn. So glad we can purchase on line.

moe tarrant

Jan 2013

on recieving a hamper from our daughter in law for xmas with your lovely pickled onions yumy!! idefinatly need more. from the i o w.

Richard Hayes

Jun 2013

After buying the Chunky real ale from Whiteparish School fair. We tried with a Ploughman's (home made), was and is great. Then tried in a sandwich with some good Ham, Out of this world. Will buy some more as has been less than a week almost out. ( almost with every meal) Now to find some where close to home to get more??

s walker

Aug 2013

Pear and walnut chutney.I dont eat chutney but tried this wow lovley went back for more


Aug 2013

I visited you earlier in the year at the Alton Show and bought chilli jam, onion chutney and elderflower. I love all of the products! I am normally not a chilli jam fan, but this stuff is amazing! I'm just disappointed that you don't have any stockists in North Hampshire. When will you next be at an event? I need to know how to get my hands on more of your products!


Sep 2013

what a great chutney, our whole family is converted, in fact many of the chutney's made by Pig and Pickles have cupboard space in our house, especially their hot Pickled onions.


Oct 2013

I have tried a few different makes of caramelised onion chutneys but pig n pickles make the best. Its lovely in a cheese sandwich or stirred through hot pasta and goats cheese.


Oct 2013

I bought two jars of your delicious Caramelised Red Onion Chutney at the fair at Mudeford in the summer. It is truly amazing, quite easily the best Caramelised Red Onion Chutney I have ever tasted. Go on everyone, buy some, you will be delighted with it!!

Amy Borrell

Jun 2014

Absolutely divine! We will certainly be buying some more off you as it won't last very long in our house :)


Jan 2015

Didn't know what to put as a header...so gift bag it was. Just like to say the Hot and Spicy Pickled Onions and absolutely amazing...just got my 3rd jar since Christmas!

Liz Burton

Jan 2015

The chutneys and relishes are all delicious. I have been buying these products for my holiday let for a few years now and the holidaymakers think they are DELICIOUS! And we love them too!

Fiona Hutchings

Feb 2015

Forever on the 'Holy Grail' to find Piccalilli that came anywhere close to my Grandmother's, after 52 years', I found it!! Fantabulosa!! First tried your wonderful products at the Romsey Show 2013, hoped to see you there last year, sadly not.... will be in contact to get 'pickled', happily, a.s.a.p.!


Mar 2015

I bought a jar of Seriously Hot Chili Chutney at a farmers market while on a weekend away in the New Forest and its delicious! I add it to most things I eat now to give an extra kick!

Paul Jones

May 2015

By chance I visited the fleet food festival today. This has to be one of the best Chutneys out there; starts off sweet then wham! a warm, not to hot, finish I love it!!


Aug 2015

We purchased the caramelised red onion chutney at the Ellingham Show. We all love it! Can you make a larger jar please?!

Paula how

Dec 2015

Absolutely scrummy brought from the market in New Milton on Saturday half gone already!

Paula How

Dec 2015

My husbands favourite yummy! Delicious with sausages, ham and any cold meats.

Moya Pateman

Jan 2016

I was visiting Salisbury Cathedral and they were having a Christmas market there. On one of the stalls they were selling your goods. I bought the Tomato and Chilli Chutney and it was delicious. I have tried some others since as I live in Norfolk and not close to one of your outlets and they are not a patch in taste as yours.

Graham Rabone

Feb 2016

I've only tried the seriously hot chilli chutney, and it is fantastic...and seriously hot! (Try having an olive a few seconds after the chutney has hit your tastebuds). It will be the start of a long relationship. Off to the New Forest again tomorrow, so will be trying some others)

Pat Scott

Aug 2016

My husband is a great fan of all foods which are hot and spicy but had failed to find a suitable chutney. Until I found your Seriously Hot Chilli Chutney! Now he is distraught because our local shop in Ringwood has closed down - I will be going to another supplier or there will be divorce in the household!

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