Use it or lose it!!!

Plaitford market this Saturday ( 14th, 9-1pm Village Hall) Could well be the last one which is a crying shame! Local producer’s markets are a thing of real value, without them how would people know what great producers are out there??  Do we really want to buy all of our produce from supermarkets? I mean really?? Of course supermarkets have their place, they provide affordable food and produce for consumers, but that something special, that something made locally, will always cost a little more BUT, it will ALWAYS be worth it! What we need to do is support our local producer’s markets!  All of these events cost money to put on and that is something that the producers have to contribute towards, and if there isn’t the support in terms of footfall then unfortunately producer’s will drop out. So. Please please please come along this Saturday and support your local producer’s market. Before it’s too late!!